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Bank Owned Vehicle Repossession Listings

RVFS lists real bank-owned new and used repo cars for sale and lease return vehicles directly from the lender or legal owner for WHOLESALE value offers. All listed vehicles are FRONT LINE READY with a Car Fax, an 89 Point Inspection, Full Detailing; GUARANTEED!

Buyers submit wholesale offers through RVFS and offer(s) get sent directly to the bank to be accepted or declined. Lenders will respond within 24 hrs only IF the offer(s) is accepted. Lenders will NOT counter offer! Lenders are only interested in SERIOUS buyers and offers!

Lenders are usually ACCEPTING offers around the Average Trade-In or WHOLESALE values!

30-Day Float on Select Vehicle for Dealers Only:
Our lenders are NOW offering a 30-day float to licensed Dealers and Wholesalers on select vehicles. Click HERE for details.

For private party buyers only:

Private buyers who make an offer that is accepted by a lender or legal owner will be required to either make a deposit of $250.00 or complete a credit application before the lender or legal owner will proceed with the inspection and transaction. Even if the buyer is paying cash, a deposit or credit application will be required by the owning lender. Our lenders have had too many people make offers and then back out of the deal without even inspecting the vehicle. Lenders do NOT have time to waste with buyers who are not serious about their offers. All deposits or credit applications are strictly between the lender and the buyer. RVFS is only a third party advertiser.

Creative financing is a large portion of successfully with bank repo cars. We have access to over one hundred lenders made up of banks, credit unions and finance companies. Wholesale priced bank repossessed cars for sale are easy to finance by lenders but the same financing guidelines apply as they would for a non-repo vehicle.

FYI: If you are NOT a dealer and wish the lender who owns the vehicle provide financing, you will be asked to complete a credit application over the phone or by secure email with the selling lender/bank. This must be completed within 24 hours of your submitted offer being accepted by the lender.

Most of the vehicles found on RVFS have already been offered for sale at dealer auto auctions. Banks, credit unions, and leasing companies have many reasons why they pull a unit from these auctions. At an auction, the vehicle is out of the control of the lender and the vehicle can get damaged, vandalized or they just don't attract the attention of wholesalers while being run through the auction at that time. Our sales platform allows banks to market their repossessed vehicles for sale to a wider audience of automobile professionals, dealers, wholesalers, rental car companies, re-sellers and savvy consumers.

There is an increasing trend of small dealers who have started buying directly from the lender or bank via wholesale platforms like Our platform gives buyers more time to test drive and inspect the vehicle after their offer(s) have been accepted by the lender. Before closing of the sale with the legal owner or lender, buyers can inspect the vehicle(s). All vehicles are front line ready and will pass dealers' service department checks.

RVFS is NOT a repo car auction. Repo auto auctions operate differently than RVFS. We are simply advertise bank owned repossessed cars for sale directly from lenders.